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Inspiration and Intent - Ready Made Art - Available Feb 2019!

Wood. It's my favorite medium.  Artists  see things differently. When I look at a piece of planed wood or firewood, I instantly notice the grain, the coloration, the texture, the scent.  I think of all the things it can become. I notice the warps and bends and knots. I see beauty in the flaws. Raw edges and quirky imperfections are the things dreams are made of. Wood and humans are similar in that respect. Imperfections and quirks make us unique and we should celebrate the heck out of them!  



Sawdust. The scent, the texture, the piles, I love it all.  It reminds me of my dad.  He's a carpenter by trade.  A home-builder, a foreman, a business owner, a role model and a man of integrity.  Most of my earliest memories of my dad involve sawdust. He worked late at night and early in the morning.  Working on other people's homes, to keep the lights on in ours.  Many weekends, we would get to stop by and help.  Helping meant sweeping or throwing scraps into piles. It was the best. The job sites were amazing places.  Studs stood where walls would soon be built, stairways with no railings, bringing Dad lunch and hugs. Hugs that smelled like Old Spice and sawdust. From time to time, sawdust still takes me back there.




Our ready-made reclaimed wood art line launches in February 2019 and we are beyond excited!  We've been making custom wood art pieces for several years.  Our mission for 2019 is to reach more people and make our products more readily accessible.  Our customers have been asking and we are finally able to make it happen!  We are blessed and amazed everyday, by our awesome customers and the fact that they want to buy our work and display it in their homes.  AMAZED, that we get to do what we love and make a living at it. That's really what its about, isn't it?  Doing what you love and loving what you do?  


More to come on that.  For now, I think I will go sweep the sawdust from the floor in the workshop and dream of new designs.  And remember old times.


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