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DIY Shelves

Have you thought about DIYing some industrial shelving and just passed on the idea, thinking it was too much work to find the correct plumbing pieces and wondering how to put it all together?  Problem solved!  

Living in a 700 square foot home and having a narrow entry way, I've been searching for a small, shallow piece of furniture to use as a place to display seasonal decor, family photos, drop our keys and make a nice impression when guests arrive. 

This is our entry before, so you see the issue. I struck out and couldn't find a piece of furniture, so I decided on narrow shelving instead.  This shelving was made for under $30 and took about an hour!  

I wanted a rustic, industrial look, so I researched plumbing pieces and calculated that it would cost about $15 a bracket, to make them myself. Yikes. I was excited to find a pre-made version on Amazon! You can purchase a set of 4 here ( ) for $22.99!  


 The next step was to find my studs and fasten them to the wall, being sure to hit the wood behind the drywall, for stability.  My shelving is made of 2"x8" pine framing material and I cut them in 5 foot lengths.  The brackets were hung at a width of  32". If you are making a different size shelf, just adjust your widths accordingly.

 These shelves can be stained, painted or whitewashed to match your existing decor.  If you plan to stain them, a handy tip is to use a kitchen sponge!  The stain goes on evenly and quickly. 

I used rubber gloves specific for staining, so they chemical doesn't break down the gloves, ending up with a hole and stained fingers. (made that mistake a few too many times!!)

Minwax makes a good all-in-one stain/sealer.  It has a matte finish and soaks in nicely.  If the shelving will see allot of use, you may wish to add a couple of coats of poly-acrylic sealer, for durability. I used Minwax Dark Walnut and you can find it on Amazon as well. ( )

The shelving is 14" apart.  I wanted enough room to display 8x10" framed photos or taller objects.  Just think about what you are going to display and adjust your shelving height to match your needs.  It is as easy as that!  

Here it is, in the entryway.  A quick, easy and affordable project to add some needed organizational space and charm! 

      before and after inspiration



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